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About Us

Helping Kentucky and Tennessee Personal Injury Victims

English, Lucas, Priest, & Owsley, LLP is a Bowling Green, Kentucky law firm founded in 1973. In 40-plus years, we have grown into Warren County’s largest law firm, and feel a deep commitment to serving the community. One of the ways we do that is by helping victims of negligence recover from their injuries. Whether you have been injured as a result of a tractor trailer accident, or a dangerous prescription drug, our Kentucky personal injury attorneys have the strength, knowledge, and experience to litigate your case. If you are from Bowling Green, Nashville, or anywhere in between, call us to see how we can help.

Knowledgeable Tractor Trailer Accident Litigators

Lawsuits involving tractor trailer accidents also usually allege negligence, this time on the part of the truck driver or trucking company. To successfully litigate a tractor trailer accident, the injured person must prove:

  • The defendant (usually the truck driver or trucking company) owed a duty to the plaintiff;
  • The defendant breached the duty; and
  • The victim’s injuries were caused by the defendant’s actions.

Truck drivers owe a duty to others on the road to drive reasonably under the circumstances. Trucking companies owe a similar duty to follow regulations, train their drivers, and maintain their trucks. A truck driver who speeds or a trucking company that inadequately trains its drivers have breached this duty. If these or similar actions cause an injury accident, the injured person can seek damages.

Tractor trailer accidents are often more complicated to litigate than accidents between two cars. At English, Lucas, Priest, & Owsley, we have been trying tractor trailer accidents in Kentucky for decades. We understand the intricacies of bringing these claims, and ensuring that all evidence is preserved and used appropriately to build your case. Before you hire an attorney for your truck accident case, be sure they have the experience and knowledge necessary to help you succeed.

Experienced in Trying Drug Injury Cases

Pharmaceutical cases involve some of the most complex personal injury claims. Litigating such a case successfully requires significant investigation by an attorney with a deep understanding of drug cases. At English, Lucas, Priest, & Owsley, we have years of experience working on and litigating drug cases.

People can be injured by prescription drugs or medical devices due to several factors. Drug manufacturers are required to warn patients of potential side effects and accurately describe the benefits of a given drug. Failure to do so can expose them to liability in failure to warn cases. Similarly, designing or manufacturing a defective drug can make drug companies liable to the people injured as a result of these defects. Patients injured by these drugs can collect damages to compensate them for their injuries.

The Largest Firm in Bowling Green

English, Lucas, Priest, & Owsley has more than 40 years of experience helping people in Kentucky and Tennessee. If you or a family member has been injured due to the conduct of a trucking company, or drug manufacturer, our Kentucky personal injury lawyers can help you recover damages for your injuries. Call (270) 781-6500 or fill out our online contact form to schedule a free case evaluation.

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Client Reviews
I was so pleased with all the good efforts and grateful for all Jessica and her firm did on my behalf. Clare
Kurt was very helpful, caring, and understood the struggle we had. He was diligent and worked fast to make sure our case was handled quick, fairly and properly. He settled my case above my expectations and has continued to stay in contact to make sure all needs were met. Amy
I know Kurt to be a man of integrity with an uncanny sense and knowledge of the law and it's workings. I enthusiastically, without hesitation recommend Kurt and would call upon him again. Linton