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Kentucky Personal Injury Attorneys

Personal Injury Attorneys Representing Victims in Kentucky and Tennessee

English, Lucas, Priest, & Owsley, LLP is a Kentucky firm dedicated to helping accident victims. Our Bowling Green personal injury lawyers strive every day to make our community a better place to live. One of our primary missions is to represent individuals and families who have been harmed by another person’s carelessness in seeking the compensation that they deserve under the law. Our team has the strength, knowledge, and experience to protect your rights.

Personal Injury Overview

You have a right to recover compensation from any person or entity that caused an accident in which you were injured. These claims usually are based on the concept of negligence, which involves conduct that falls short of the appropriate level of care in the situation. You would need to show that the defendant was negligent and that you suffered injuries as a result. Many types of damages may be available in personal injury claims, ranging from economic costs like medical bills and lost income to non-economic harm like a victim’s pain and suffering. Our Bowling Green personal injury attorneys can thoroughly investigate your case and determine the full scope of the damages that may be available.

Car Accidents

A driver can cause devastating harm to other people on the road when they fail to take reasonable precautions under the circumstances. Unfortunately, many drivers in Kentucky and Tennessee do not drive safely, causing serious car accidents throughout these states. Some common examples of dangerous driving include texting behind the wheel, failing to yield at an intersection, driving drunk, and excessive speeding. Even if a case seems straightforward, a defendant and their insurer may fight hard against liability if you do not promptly get an attorney on your side. Consulting an attorney also is important in building evidence for your case and making sure that you comply with all of the applicable procedural rules. If you do not file your claim within the statute of limitations, for example, your case likely will be dismissed even if you have a strong argument.

Truck Accidents

Collisions involving tractor-trailers and other large trucks tend to result in catastrophic injuries and may be especially complex to litigate. Our personal injury attorneys can help Bowling Green residents and other people in Kentucky and Tennessee bring claims against careless truckers and trucking companies that caused a crash. We are familiar with the detailed regulations that control the practices of drivers and companies in this industry. This may be useful in proving truck accident liability. For example, if a truck driver slammed into the rear of your car after falling asleep at the wheel, we would want to investigate whether they might have violated hours of service regulations. Regardless of whether a trucking company was negligent, it may be liable for a driver’s careless actions if the driver was on the job at the time. There are also several theories of direct liability that may apply to a trucking company. Perhaps it failed to properly vet its drivers before hiring them, or perhaps it did not properly train and supervise them.

Traumatic Brain Injury

One of the most difficult conditions that a victim can face is a traumatic brain injury. Brain trauma can undermine every aspect of their personal and professional life. These injuries often result from motor vehicle collisions, but they may occur in other situations as well, such as workplace accidents or incidents involving heavy equipment. Our Bowling Green personal injury lawyers recognize the lasting impact of a traumatic brain injury and the importance of seeking all of the past, present, and future damages to which a victim may be entitled. We may retain experts to explain the mechanics of the accident and how they caused the injury, as well as describing the effect on the victim’s life. This type of condition may have an impact on the victim’s family members as well, and they may be able to seek damages on their own behalf.

Defective Drugs and Medical Products

Cases involving injuries caused by defective products tend to be technical and complex. Victims may benefit from consulting a personal injury lawyer in the Bowling Green area who can guide them through the process of holding a manufacturer liable. This may involve introducing expert testimony to show why a certain product is dangerous or was designed in an unreasonably dangerous way. Other cases arise from a failure to provide adequate warnings to consumers, such that they would understand the side effects or other risks. Product liability cases like these often are brought under a theory of strict liability, which means that the victim does not need to show that the defendant acted negligently. They simply need to identify a dangerous flaw in the product or the instructions or warnings that accompanied it. Due to the resources of the massive companies that make pharmaceuticals and medical devices, these cases tend to be hotly contested. You should make sure to get an attorney in your corner who is ready for a fight.

Discuss Your Situation With a Knowledgeable Advocate for the Rights of Victims

Unexpected injuries can leave victims overwhelmed. The impact of hospital bills, physical recovery, and lost wages can lead to serious emotional distress. At English, Lucas, Priest, & Owsley, we have more than a century of combined experience helping victims of car accidents, tractor trailer accidents, work injuries, and dangerous drugs and medical devices. Our Bowling Green office is perfectly situated to help those injured in Kentucky, as well as those in the Nashville area and throughout Tennessee. If you have been injured due to the negligence of another person or company, call (270) 781-6500 or visit our contact page to schedule a free consultation with a personal injury attorney in Bowling Green.

Client Reviews
I was so pleased with all the good efforts and grateful for all Jessica and her firm did on my behalf. Clare
Kurt was very helpful, caring, and understood the struggle we had. He was diligent and worked fast to make sure our case was handled quick, fairly and properly. He settled my case above my expectations and has continued to stay in contact to make sure all needs were met. Amy
I know Kurt to be a man of integrity with an uncanny sense and knowledge of the law and it's workings. I enthusiastically, without hesitation recommend Kurt and would call upon him again. Linton

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