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Traumatic Brain Injury

Kentucky Brain Injury Lawyers

The brain is the most complex and mysterious organ in the human body. It controls all of the body’s functions, and its health is essential to many core functions. Any type of brain injury can cause lasting and devastating health issues, but traumatic brain injuries are the most difficult to diagnose, treat and recover from.

Any person who is suspected of having a traumatic brain injury should be seen by a physician immediately. The patient should be taken to a doctor’s office or hospital for diagnosis so that assessment and treatment can begin immediately.

Diagnosis of a brain injury

The first step of diagnosis of a traumatic brain injury is to classify the injury as mild or severe. A mild traumatic brain injury results in loss of consciousness or appearing to be confused for 30 minutes or less. The symptoms can include loss of balance, inability to articulate the date or other basic facts such as their name or where they are, inability to move parts of their bodies, headaches and mood swings. This is the type of diagnosis that is sometimes given after a concussion received during football, baseball or other athletic pursuit. Many are dismissive of this type of injury, but you need to be careful and keep an eye on anyone who receives any type of brain injury, including someone who is diagnosed with a mild brain injury. Though they may seem fine in a short amount of time, effects may surface for weeks or months after – or possibly much longer.

A severe brain injury occurs when a patient has lost consciousness or is in a confused state for longer than 30 minutes. This can be anything from a comatose, non-responsive state to passing out to amnesia. Those who survive a severe brain injury may be significantly cognitively impaired. Those who suffer from a severe brain injury may not necessarily see the effects immediately, which is why is it important to carefully monitor someone with a brain injury.

Traumatic brain injuries can occur from many types of injuries. Car accidents are a common cause, particularly for vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed. The motion of the body jerking to a sudden stop or the head colliding with a vehicle can cause the injury. Gun shot wounds are another cause of traumatic brain injuries. Slip and fall injuries may also cause a traumatic brain injury.

Brain injuries frustrate victims and families

Brain injuries can drastically affect every part of the body, but perhaps the most frustrating part for victims and their families is the personality changes they may see in their loved ones. Traumatic brain injuries may cause a person who was once outgoing and energetic to become sullen, depressed and difficult. Those with a traumatic brain injury may also act differently from one day to the next, making it nearly impossible to make plans. The person’s injury affects everyone around them, including family, co-workers and friends.

What’s really important to know about car accidents that involve a traumatic brain injury is that any settlement you may be offered by an insurance company may not adequately compensate you or your loved one for the long-lasting effects of your traumatic brain injury. You may not even know what those effects are for months or even years to come. Those suffering from such an injury may not be able to work in the same field as they have previously, or may be forced to modify their homes to accommodate walkers, wheelchairs or other methods of movement.

We recommend seeking an experienced attorney to assist you if you or someone you love has been the victim of a traumatic brain injury. Our attorneys do have experience in this area, and will be glad to provide a complementary consultation for you and your loved one. Please contact us using this form or by calling our offices in Bowling Green, Kentucky, at (270) 781-6500. We handle cases throughout Kentucky and Tennessee.

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